Fluidynamics in industrial systems

Research topics

  • Sprays and single drops combustion and vaporization
  • Pulsed sprays and jets characterization
  • Spray penetration and structure
  • Gas entrainment in pulsed sprays
  • Drops velocity and size distributions

Research purposes and applications

  • Pulsed sprays: Diesel, gasoline, GDI
  • Steady sprays

Spray Characterization by Laser Diagnostics

To day uses of liquid atomization systems are countless. Applications can be found in combustion and material science, agriculture and medicine. For this reason the potentials for improved performance are immense.
In the years the FIS lab has accumulated a wide experience and the necessary experimental facilities for the study of steady and unsteady sprays.
A particular impulse has been given to the optical diagnostics application for the injectors characterization. Visualization techniques are applied in order to follow the spray geometry evolution both for the liquid and for the vapour phase. Laser Doppler techniques are employed for the measurement of spray droplet velocity and size and to obtain a complete map of the surrounding air motion. The influence of internal and external parameters can dramatically affect the injector performances. Therefore the experimental apparatus are designed to allow a wide spectrum of pressures and temperatures both of the injected liquid and of the ambient gas.

Available techniques

  • Laser velocimetry : LDV, PDA, PIV
  • Laser Visualizations: LSV, LIF, laser beam obscuration, shadowgraphy, Schlieren


  • Phase Doppler System
  • PCO-Sensicam CCD camera
  • PCO-DiCam Intensified CCD camera
  • Ar Ione Spectraphysics Laser
  • Nd:YAG Quantronix Laser
  • Windowed spray test bomb simulating motor thermodynamic conditions
  • Single shot in-line Diesel pump
  • Image acquisition and processing system
  • Data acquisition and experimental apparatus control systems
  • Monodisperse droplet generator


  • Dr. Roberto Dondè, phone +39 02 66173 293
  • Gianni Brunello, phone +39 02 66173 286
  • Dr. Lucio Araneo (associate), phone +39 02 66173 288

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