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The Milan Unit of IENI  (Institute for ENergetics and Interphases) wholly originates from the early Institute of Technology for Materials and Energetic Processes (TeMPE), the CNR institute established in 1997, when competencies (and facilities) of Institute of Technology for Unconventional Metallic Materials (ITM) and of Institute for Propulsion and Energetics (IPE) were merged together.
Roughly speaking, this unification aimed to reach a rather comprehensive, interdisciplinary and self-consistent operative capability, by bringing the skills of ITM scientists, engaged in the investigation of metallic materials, together with the skills of IPE scientists, dealing with energetic processes and related systems working in demanding conditions.
The full reorganization of Italian CNR, started in 2003, also reduced the number of administrative centres directly facing the headquarters, so that the "big" IENI institute was set up by joining four "smaller" ones.  The TeMPE institute of Milan became the Milan Unit of IENI.
In July 2008, the IENI Institute with five Operative Units (one more with respect to the starting four ones) sited in Padua, Milan, Lecco, Genoa, Pavia has been formally established by the enactment of the mission Decree.

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